What is Congress Rental Network ?

There is a worldwide network of top-quality companies, all equipped with the latest Bosch Congress equipment for hire, called the Congress Rental Network (CRN). It caters for any event where A/V equipment and support personnel are required. So, it does not matter if you are dealing with thousands of delegates from all corners of the world or just a handful of representatives in a single meeting room. CRN can supply exactly the solution you need.

The CRN members are specialists in congress equipment hire, with experience in installing and operating state-of -the-art equipment for event organizers in countless venues around the world. Only the best Bosch congress systems and peripheral equipment are used, which is your guarantee of maximum efficiency, optimum control and perfect sound reproduction.

For the very largest events, CRN members cannot only supply and install the equipment, but operate it as well if required. And for smaller gatherings in hotel suites or breakout rooms, your nearest CRN member will quickly install a suitable system. After the conference or meeting is over, the system is simply packed up and taken away. It is like having an extension to your own team, with immediate access to experts in the field for smooth, problem-free events. So no worries about correct functioning or setbacks.

What are CRN Advantages ?

• Specialist in Congress Equipment
• Uses the best Congress Systems and peripheral equipment
• Experience in installing and operating state of the art equipment
• Caters small to large international sized metings
• Known Worldwide
• Reliable for foreign clients
• Corporate infrastructure and strenght
• Colloboration, technical cooperation

CRN has the facilities;

Flexibility is a key part of CRN’s success in congress equipment rental. On some occasions you may need a complete system, on others just some extra equipment. Whether it is full service including operators or just equipment it’s entirely up to you and your requirements. Tailor-made to your requirements.

No two conferences are ever exactly alike. That makes a tailor-made approach to congress equipment rental essential. CRN has broad-based expertise with total conference infrastructures, including facilities for press rooms, break-out meeting rooms, and interfacing with public address and audiovisual systems. With experience in everything from international summit meetings of world leaders to company sales conferences, you can count on CRN back you up, whatever your needs.

Peace of mind;

CRN is the provider of choice for meetings of the most demanding international organizations. These organizations don’t just rent top quality audio and/or video equipment. They are purchasing the peace of mind that comes with working with someone who is as fully focused on the success of the event as you.

CRN Partners;

The America’s Region;
ARGENTINA Congress Rental Argentina www.congressrental.com
CANADA Duoson Multimedia Mediaco,
The Presentation Company
CHILE Magix www.magix.cl
MEXICO Van Der Corp S.A. www.vandercorp.com.mx
USA Congress Rental www.congressrentalusa.com
Europe, Middle East and Africa Region;
AUSTRIA Kongresstechnik GmbH www.kongresstechnik.at
BELGIUM Microson www.microson.be
BULGARIA KTBG Kongresstechnik www.ktbg.bg
CROATIA Tehnozavod CRN d.o.o www.tehnozavod-crn.hr
DENMARK Teletech Conference Communications www.teletech.dk
FRANCE I.S. Communication
GERMANY Elakustik GmbH www.elakustik.de
GREECE P.C. Podimatas S.A. www.podimatas.com
HUNGARY CRN Hungary Ltd www.congressrental.hu
ITALIA TC Group www.tcgroup.it
LATVIA KT Serviss SIA www.ktserviss.lv
MALTA Studio 7 Co Ltd www.studioseven.com.mt
NETHERLANDS Jacot Audiovisueel www.jacot.nl
POLAND BSC Congress Rental www.bscav.com
ROMANIA Congress Rental Ltd www.congressrental.ro
RUSSIA Synchrotel www.synchrotel.ru
SERBIA Congress Rental Serbia www.congressrental.rs
SLOVENIA Robotrade, d.o.o www.robotrade.si
SWEDEN ProShop Europe www.proshopeurope.com
UK Westminster Sonus www.westminstersonus.com
UKRAINE Leater Plus Ltd www.leaterplus.com
TURKEY Consys Communications www.consys.com.tr
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Congress Rental Emirates www.congressrentalemirates.com
SOUTH AFRICA Congress Rental S. Africa Pty Ltd www.congressrental.co.za
SWITZERLAND Dorier S.A. www.dorier.ch
Asia Pasific Region;
AUSTRALIA Congress Rental www.congressrental.com.au
HONG KONG Polyglot Translations www.polyglot.com.hk
MALAYSIA AV Image Systems Sdn Bhd www.avimage.com.my
SINGAPORE Congress Rental Pte Ltd www.congressrental.asia
SOUTH KOREA Panorama Media www.pano-m.com
TAIWAN GIS Congress Rental Co Ltd www.giscongressrental.com
THAILAND Numthip Associates www.numthip.co.th

For more information you can also visit; congressrentalnetwork.com