Sound Systems

Consys believes that you deserve professional quality sound reinforcement. We are proud to offer high end audio speakers that deliver the power and intelligibility needed to make that connection with your audience. Professional sound systems for an array of applications. Whether you need sound reinforcement systems for portable or fixed installations we have the sound system to fit your needs as well as your budget. Our sound systems include line array speakers for small, medium and large venues, compact portable speakers for small to large crowd coverage. Our product line includes self powered speakers, passive speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and digital processors.


Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Distribution over 32 channels Delegate positions can be easily equipped with wired, flush-mounted channel selector panels. Or the interpreter desk can be combined with the Integrus Digital Wireless Infra-Red Language Distribution System. This lets delegates choose any language from 32 crystal-clear channels of interpretations or the floor language without the constraint of connecting wires. A pocket-sized infra-red receiver and headphones guarantee complete freedom of movement throughout the conference hall. Every interpretation in high fidelity sound quality with international organizations conducting meetings in an ever-wider range of languages, there is a greater need to promote understanding among delegates. Thats why the Bosch Interpreter Desk offers 32 channels to help break down language barriers. Now, delegates can have the luxury of choosing the floor language or any one of 31 interpretations, all in true hi-fi sound quality.


Conference Microphone Systems

Digital Congress Network (DCN) brings the benefits of Innovate digital technology to discussion, conference and congress systems. Digital Signal processing and transmission via a simple network system not only offers great improvements in audio quality, but simplifies operation. DCN Provides flexible management facilities for all types of conferences from small, informal gatherings to international, multi lingual congress with thousand of delegates. It is the entirely digital systems of its kind, and offers versatility, high audio quality data transmission secure while providing complete control over conference proceedings.


Visual & Projection Systems

Wide-Screen Solutions;
We can design a world-class presentation with precision branding, graphics and animation, and create and implement the right display and projection strategy. We offer display and projection solutions to ensure the best possible audience experience and effective, comfortable “information uptake”.

Large-format projection;
Multi-image panoramic projection, blending individual images into a spectacular large-sized continuous projected image.


Voting Systems

We provide computer-based tools that harness the collective wisdom and creative power of people in meetings and classrooms. We combine leading-edge audience response software with wireless keypads and other data collection devices to provide real-time group feedback and interaction. Our powerful systems make it easy for meeting participants to contribute ideas, respond to questions, vote on candidates and prioritize lists of goals.

Our interactive product for PowerPoint, makes executives, facilitators, and instructors more effective by engaging participants in the communications process. Our Consulting Services team applies our tools and techniques on-site to transform meetings and achieve measurable results.



Tour Guide Systems

Infoport System is a great product which allows you to follow speaker in noisy places, factory visits, museums, indoor and outdoor. We can go up to +200 receivers with Infoport System.



Prompter Services

Prompter is one of the key system for continuous speeches and also speaker never loose eye contact with the audience. With our Windows based Software available for all text formats. It is possible you e-mail your speech in text format to us and we prepare your speech ready within minutes.



Light & Truss

We Offer All Types of truss for lighting, displays trade shows, special events & more. We offer every type of system including aluminum and steel trusses.

Display truss is used for exhibits as a high tech, industrial component.  It can be used in retail environments for displays & decor.  Of course, truss is used on the stage, where our heavy duty systems hold lighting and sets (light truss).  Our many products can be customized for unlimited display purposes.